Monday, May 7, 2012

Instrument Families Assignment

In the comments section below, complete the following assignment.

Every instrument family sounds different. This is called timbre (prounounced like tamber). Timbre is the unique sound made by every instrument. It's why a trumpet doesn't sound like a  clarinet or why a tuba doesn't sound like a flute. Sometimes timbre is called tone color because just like each color that we see is different, each sound that we hear is different.

Think back to when we completed the Peter and the Wolf unit. Each animal was played by a different instrument. Every time you heard that instrument being played, you knew which animal was present.

Now, listen to and watch this recording. What instruments do you hear and see? What animal do you think it sounds like? Why?

Answer these questoins as a comment to this post.

1. What instruments do you hear and see?
2. What animal does the recording remind you of?
3. What are two characteristics of this recording that reminds you of the animal that you chose?